Burgers and more…

I have tried out a good few burgers in my time, and recently I’ve been on the lookout to visit more independent restaurants around Yorkshire to find the “Top 5 burgers in Yorkshire” for my Northern Magazine feature this month.

Today I found my favourite burger restaurant so far. Based in Harrogate just a short walk from the town centre, an independent burger restaurant – Burgers and More.

For a long time nothing came close to Byron  (fantastic for a restaurant chain), but this Northern gem just topped it for me!

I could not pick a fault in the service or the food at all! There was so much choice of different beef, chicken, pork and veggie burgers, I’m gonna have to visit again, and again!

I went for the “cheeseboard burger” – beef burger stuffed with apple and Stilton, topped with mozzarella and fig chutney, in a brioche bun (restaurant usually serves all burgers in ciabatta bread but give the choice of brioche) with a lovely fresh salad and sweet potato chips on the side. Portion was just right and it was nice to see my meal turn up on a normal plate, no pretentious messing around!! The burger was a joy to eat, not sloppy or awkward in any way. Tasty, tasty, TASTY!!! Jamie chose the “bucking broncho” burger (3 chillies) – served with a homemade “silly sauce”. I had a taste and really enjoyed (and so did he by his matching empty plate).

Thank you to the owner, Ian, who stopped for a chat with us and explained the menu and how they support other local restaurants.

It’s gonna take a real amazing contender to make me think twice about putting this place top of my list!

Rating – 5/5 OBVIOUSLY!!!!

Price range – £45ish for two starters, two mains that come with sides and 3 fizzy drinks.

Next stop – Pax Burger – Huddersfield


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