Happy 2018!!

Well as the New Year kicks off, I just want to thank every one of my followers for your support last year and hope that it continues. From starting Instagram & Twitter pages last January so that I could share photos and reviews of restaurants I’d eaten in or great recipes I’d cooked, to writing my first blog last August and being able to show more passion and detail about the food I love, it really has been a fantastic 12 months!

I have grown from just having an idea and a hope to share my food experiences with a few people, to having over 700 followers. I have been grateful to sample some mouthwatering menus and meals at some great restaurants around Yorkshire, and I have even featured in a few online articles.

My wish for this year is that I continue to grow my following and get to visit more fantastic places and cook some more amazing recipes and share it all with you so that you can enjoy them yourself. I can’t wait to attend various food festivals this year and I have lots of ideas for trying and cooking new foods myself, including Vegan and Polish food, and much more that I am excited to share with you. Please watch this space and thanks again for your continued support.

If you would like to contact me regarding my blog / ideas on where to eat/what to cook, or would like to work with me (advertising/reviews/publishing recipes/other), then please feel free to email me on jen@jensfoodblog.com

Please check out my Instagram and Twitter pages for my story so far including some of my recipes and reviews and of course, lots of pictures 🙂

Happy New Year




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