Capri @ The Vine, Wakefield

Overall Rating – 3/5

The food was nice, service not great, but I have been to many better local Italian restaurants.

I recently visited Capri, close to Wakefield centre, for a friend’s birthday.  After being booked in at 9pm (very late sitting as they were so busy), we decided to meet in the bar first.  It got to half 9 and no one had come to see us to say why our table was late or apologise. I complained and we were told that the party before us has just left and that we would soon be seated.  We were given a free bottle of prosecco as an apology.

The food was nice, nothing wrong with it, I just felt we had eaten at quite a few better Italians locally. I chose the Seafood Pasta (Tagliatelle Al Lupo Di Mare E San Giacomo) – Thin ribbon egg pasta with garlic, chilli, olives, capers, cherry tomato, strips of sea bass, scallops, oregano and basil oil with a touch of tomato sauce. This was tasty with a good amount of fish and quite a big portion. Comments on the lasagnes were good, comments on the steak (for £26) were that “we have had better”. Prices for main meals are about standard for an Italian ranging from £9 to £26.

The restaurant has regular events and themed nights which I think is why it’s so popular. The atmosphere is lively with a large open dining area.

In summary we had a good night in the end but Capri wouldn’t be at the top of my list to re-visit.


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