Palaço – Morley, Leeds

Overall Rating – 4/5

Another hidden gem in Morley and a rare treat! Great food and drinks here, however can get booked up quickly!

£20pp approx for main & side each as well as a few drinks and a dessert to share.

This tapas bar & restaurant based in the centre of Morley is a real hidden gem where you can find fresh homemade tapas, as well as a great choice of beer & wine.  The restaurant only opens on Saturday evenings, therefore it might be difficult to get a table last minute, however bookings can be made via Facebook or Twitter, and I would definitely recommend dining here to anyone local!

palaco menu

As well as Saturday night tapas, Palaço has recently started opening once a month on a Friday to host “themed” nights, the first three so far being “Taco Night”, “Friday Night Fizz”, and “Sausage Party”.

Yesterday we attended the “Sausage Party”, and thought that the food was FANTASTIC! The menu offered various sausages with ingredients and flavours from around the world.


We tried;

The Texan – Pork, butterbean and red pepper sausage with caramelised onions, crispy bacon and Monterrey Jack cheese.

The Kaiser – German style bratwurst sausage served with sauerkraut, pickled gherkins and a choice of cheese sauces.

El Toro – Chorizo sausage on a ciabatta roll with piquillo peppers, rocket and alioli.

Exotic Trio – A trio of sausages including Ostrich, Wild Boar and Venison with a selection of dipping sauces.

palaco chilli cheese fries

We also ordered sides of Halloumi Fries, Loaded Nachos and Chilli & Cheese Fries. Oh and for afters we shared the homemade Banana Bread made with crispy bacon bits, served with ice cream – one of the nicest sponges I’ve ever had!

Everything was very tasty and we left no crumbs behind! Between the 4 of us, all of the above was enough so that we could all try a bit of each dish, and we came away full and happy. My favourite surprisingly was the Wild Boar sausage. Surprising because it tastes quite like liver which I don’t usually like, however this was lovely. I also really enjoyed the Kaiser hot dog as a whole. The Halloumi Fries and Nachos were fab. We enjoyed everything.

palaco banana brea

The restaurant is only small and holds around 12 diners with room for 2 at the bar. From what I could see the place is run by two people, that includes the cooking too! So please bear in mind that it can feel a little busy and there isn’t always someone serving in the restaurant area, but the staff take it on the chin and are very friendly and the food is so worth it!

I have visited Palaço for Tapas previously too and really enjoyed it, however that was a while ago now, so I think I will have to return again soon and do another review 😉 Can’t wait to see what the next themed night is! If it’s homemade curry, do you think they’ll let me bring some of mine to sample?? 🙂

Check out more about Palaço here.



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