Burgers and More, Harrogate

I was kindly invited back to Burgers and More close to Harrogate City Centre to check out their new menu launched just a few days ago! As always the owners and staff were immediately welcoming and friendly and showed me to what is becoming my “usual” table.

This visit I decided to take my Little Helper, Jacob so that he could review some of the kids menu to give more of you the chance to read about the “whole experience” here.

The new options on the menu were brought to our attention, introducing more weird yet wonderful combinations of flavours that Burgers and More are renowned for. Dishes such as Choc Orange Chicken Wings, “Brexit Waffles” (Chicken & Vanilla Ice Cream!!), Jafa Kake Burger and the first American style burger the restaurant has offered the Yankee Be Damned that features a hot dog running through the burger!!

At first even I was a bit dubious and unsure about trying some of the options, but these tried and tested flavours WORK!! Don’t be afraid to try them!

For starters we went with the Mac & Cheese Spring Rolls which were seriously good. I’m not overly impressed by Mac & Cheese a lot of the time, but these impressed me. Jacob was a little unsure at first saying he “really liked Mac & Cheese but didn’t like Spring Rolls”. Well the crispy pastry filled with creamy, perfect Mac & Cheese won him over and got a “Oh my god, oh my God.” between mouthfuls.

We also tried the Choc Orange Chicken Wings which I have to say were moreish and also went down a treat with both us and our Little Helper! The sauce was sticky, not overly sweet, and had bits of orange in that gave a nice touch. Messy fingers and faces all round!

For my main I decided to try the new Tindian which was an infusion of Thai and Indian – Madras chicken fillets topped with a mint yogurt sauce, Thai fishcake and sweet chilli and sauce. All of this in a crispy bun with chips, salad and mango chutney dip to the side. This combination goes well and there wasn’t a crumb left of the burger!! Messy to eat (queue the unflattering photo of me eating haha) but very enjoyable. Cooked to perfection, not overly spicy, this is great for Asian food lovers.

Jamie ordered the Hog Roast – Pork Burger stuff with black pudding, topped with cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, fried onions, stuffing and apple & cinnamon sauce. Sounds like a mouthful, and what a delicious mouthful it was! Yes the knife and fork had to come out halfway through but that didn’t take away the joy of this tasty tower of a burger. We chose the new seasoned fries on the side, which are slightly spicy and I think would have gone better with the Tindian – dip them in the mango chutney it’s soooo good!

Jacob decided to make a combo of his own and get the Southern Fried Chicken on the kids menu as a burger. He enjoyed the mountain of crispy SFC and like a good trooper ate every last bit! As a slightly picky eater my Little Helper gives a real honest review. He was a little nervous about the Unicorn bread bun as he was worried what it would taste like, but gave it a try and said “oh actually it’s not that bad!” So I think this little bit of unique fun on the kids menu would go down well even with those picky eaters out there!

The owners really do like to give diners the opportunity to try things and take real price in the flavours they create, so Jacob ended up trying and enjoying things he thought he’d never try! He still left a bit unsure about the smokey bacon sorbet, but we loved it!!

After all that, we were almost fit to burst but felt it only fair we try some desserts just to tell you about them (haha). Jacob was first in ordering his Unicorn Sundae that he was looking very forward to, and myself and Jamie decided to share the Roly Poly Sundae and Jamie was “full so I’ll only have a spoonful”.

Ice creams came, 2 minutes later the glass bowls were empty!! Jacob loved his multicoloured sundae with surprises! And Jamie and I absolutely loved the Roly Poly Sunday which was Custard Ice cream (well nice), squirty cream, cold custard, strawberry sauce, pieces of jam Roly Poly topped with wafers. The dessert wasn’t sickly in the slightest and to say Jamie was full… he ate most of it!!

Another very satisfying visit to one of my Top Burger places, and as I wrote previously for Northern Magazine, the Top Place in Yorkshire to get a burger. The usual combinations that work perfectly, the fact that the restaurant prides itself on working with local businesses and suppliers, and how the staff are so welcoming and engaging all add up to a really enjoyable dining experience.

Check out their website to read more about the food they have to offer… as it’s Burgers and More you can also enjoy waffles, pizzas, salads and much more here. Check out the “make your own tower burgers” and the “kids party” offers too to make the visit even more special!

I really hope you do visit here after reading my review and when you do please share your comments and photos with me across my social media Facebook or Instagram or at jensfoodblog@gmail.com

Happy munching!



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