Dapur Malaysia, Chapel Allerton

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A lovely, well-presented Malaysian restaurant based in Chapel Allerton, serving delicious and colourful, traditional South-East Asian food.

Dapur Malaysia kindly invited me to review the food and dining experience at their restaurant based in Chapel Allerton. I had previously tried some of their food at a food festival last year as they also do pop-ups in various locations, however I was pleasantly surprised by their gorgeous restaurant and again very impressed with their food.
Our server Tomasz recommended quite a few dishes to us, so we went with his suggestions to get a good opinion of the different courses they had to offer.
For our Starter we went with the Sharing Platter which features everything on the Starter Menu; Orange, Ginger & Lemongrass Chicken Wings – these were especially good, Spiced Fishcakes, Curry Puffs – a little like a samosa, Chicken Satay – really good, Wontons (Pork & Shrimp) and Spiced Lentil Cakes. All of this presented beautifully, with various dips and sauces. The Sharing Platter is priced at £14.50 and is well worth it. We enjoyed every element of the sharing starter especially the satay and the chicken wings. Starters on their own are priced between £4.50 – £7.95.
Although the menu is fairly concise, we found it hard to choose a Main course as so many dishes sounded delicious! One really good thing about this restaurant is that they offer “Small Plates” or a Thali, meaning you get to try a few options if you’re unable to decide what to go for. There are also other Main courses which are Rice or Noodle based. We decided to share a Thali and a Noodle dish between us.
With the Thali option you can choose between 2 or 3 small dishes from the Main menu and you also get rice, salad, pickle chutney and a chapatti. We went for; Sambar (VE) – South Indian Vegetable Stew made with spice paste – this was ok but not our favourite as the other dishes were much tastier.; Pork Curry – A spicy curry made with pieces of Belly Pork – this was our favourite dish as it had a real kick to it and was delicious; and the Chicken Rendang – another tasty curry which is the national dish of Malaysia. We also tried the Nasi Goreng – a Malaysian fried rice dish with pieces of chicken cooked in shrimp paste, all this topped with a soft-yolk fried egg. This was an interesting dish, very filling and we really enjoyed it. The selection of Main meals are priced between £8.50 – £13.95 with “Small Plates” priced between £5.50 – £8.95 and the Thali £14.95.
I washed all this down with a few Pina Coladas, topping off a really nice evening here. Find out more about Dapur Malaysia and look at their menus on their website here.
I would recommend giving this restaurant a visit, please share your photos/comments with me if you do go and I will share these across my social media 🙂 Follow me now on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.
Happy munching 🙂

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