Craft & Dough, Kelham Island – Sheffield

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Artisan Pizza Restaurant making fresh dough on site daily with some fantastic toppings, also offering some great craft beer and wines to wash it down with. Nice atmosphere, good pizza.

When did I start to go OUT to eat pizza so much? This recent craze over the last year or so, of sourdough & artisan pizza restaurants opening has definitely won me over. I have had this restaurant on my list for a while because pre-lockdown you could go to a pizza & cocktail making class – right up my street! So I am hoping this becomes available to book again when everything dies down. But anyway, their pizzas are delish!!!!

The look of love…

We visited on a weeknight and got there just before half 6, during current Tier 2 restrictions, it was understandably quiet, but did get busier over the next hour which was good to see. **Note that Craft & Dough have an offer on Thursday & Sundays for 2 pizzas & a bottle of wine for £20! Bargain!!** Tables were well distanced, hand sanitiser was available as soon as we arrived, and we were shown straight to our table and introduced to a new app used to look at the menu and order with. This IBE app was the only thing that really let our visit down as it’s a fairly new app and it didn’t work very smooth in terms of finding the menu, adding your card details then adding things to your order, it took at least 15/20 mins for us to complete our order. In which time the waitress came over and offered to take our drinks order whilst we figured it out… Could they possibly just take orders from your table and process card payments only?

Anyway… the menu does have some nibbles available to start such as Halloumi Fries, Chicken Wings and Sharing Boards. However the pizzas were fairly large sized, so we chose to order a pizza each and share a side of Cajun Fries (yummy yummy!!)

I went with the Crafty Cuts – Braised Beef, Pepperoni, Balsamic Red Onions, San . Marzano Tomato & Parmesan – an unusual choice for me as I tend to always go down the BBQ/spicy chicken or cheesy route with pizzas but this was every bit as delicious as it sounds! Lots of pepperoni and that added sweetness from the onions made it a really filling and tasty pizza. Only comment I had personally is that the crust itself was quite tough for me.

Ben went with the special, Oktoberfest – Ham Hock, Fried Potatoes, Sauerkraut & Mustard. He was impressed end enjoyed it, and so was I when I nicked a slice! I do love pickles so the sauerkraut and the mustard made this pizza just a little more special for me. A great pizza inspired by Oktoberfest, washed down well with a Gamma Ray.

The restaurant gives a kind of log cabin vibe to it with a lot of wood covering the walls and bar area and pretty fairy lights, and then the subway tiles behind the bar & kitchen area and to the toilets gives it a slightly modern and clean feel to it too. Quite cosy inside, and there’s a lovely looking outside area too, but it was too cold to be utilising this area when we went.

Clearly enjoyed the pizza by my silly face pulling!

We enjoyed the pizza here and can only hope that Covid disappears soon so that the service can go back to it’s normal ways and people can enjoy their experience here even more.

Check out more about Craft & Dough and their menu here.

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Happy munching 🙂





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