Treat Often by EllyJoy – Subscription Box

Created from scratch, naturally vegan AND gluten-free, this Subscription Box by Treat Often by Elly Joy lets you treat yourself without the guilt.

Tasty treats without the junk for £17 a month – I thought “what the heck?”..and decided to sign up for my first box in Feb. The first box has an offer of 25% off and you can cancel or pause the subscription at any time.

The founder of Treat Often, Elly (from good old Yorkshire), started creating health-conscious goodies whilst at University and has grown from a tiny stall to having an online shop, and now Treat Often gives you the chance to try her guilt-free indulgences on a regular basis.

All ingredients are ethically sourced and every snack is made consciously to be good for your health and also the environment! No ingredients containing palm oil are used too! Oh and it’s not just the food that is made with all of that in mind, but the packaging used is all recyclable and biodegradable also.

So if all of that isn’t already enticing you to sign up, how about some info on what you actually get.

Treat Often has 3 options for the monthly subscription box;

Live Fit – This box is for the health-conscious looking for a healthy, low-sugar energy boost. The Live Fit box contains;

Granola Pack (Reduced sugar granola for a healthy, nutritious and flavoursome breakfast.)

2 Flapjack Flavours (A great energy boost post/pre-workout of a great on the go pick-me-up)

1 Bake-at-Home Banana Bread (All you have to do is add 4 bananas for a light and fluffy banana bread)

3 Cookies (Soft, chewy and very addictive – everyone has to have a little treat right?)

2 Energy Balls (Filled with vitamins and protein for a great on the go snack.)

Treat Often – a purely indulgent box of tasty treats and best-selling bakes. The Treat Often box contains;

4 Baked Treats

1 Pack of Cookie Dough (Use it to make cookies or just warm it up and stick a spoon in)

3 Cookies (Crisp of the outside, soft and chewy on the inside)
Irresistibly soft and yummy

1 Surprise Pouch (A delicious, homemade snack such as chocolate-covered honeycomb)

Eat Well – A balance of both worlds – this is the box I went with. The Eat Well box contains;

2 Brownie Flavours

2 Flapjack Flavours (Soft, rich and indulgent)

1 Bake-at-Home Banana Bread

1 Granola Flavour

1 Surprise Pouch Treat

Our February Box contained;

Mocha Banana Bread Mix – this was SO easy to make! Literally mush up 4 bananas, add the mixture and place in the oven for 50 mins!! Simple!! This was so light, fluffy and tasty (could have got away with more coffee flavour for me actually). We really enjoyed this and so did some of my colleagues!

Carrot Cake Granola – Very tasty and I still have some left. I have been putting this on top of my porridge with blueberries most mornings, it’s lovely!

Banana Crunch Snack Pack – A nice little mid-afternoon snack containing dried banana chips, nuts and chocolate chips.

Choc Orange Brownie – really tasty and the brownies were a great size! Good for us to be able to half and share them. The texture of this one was a little grainy but we still enjoyed it.

Hazelnut & Choc Brownie – even more indulgent. Half of this was definitely enough for a treat. Very tasty.

Winter Spice Flapjack – lovely and moist and a little bit sweet. Yummy!

Date & Pecan Flapjack – a great sweet but guilt-free snack.

The box arrived and each type of snack was packed and labelled in very neat packaging and listing all ingredients with a best before date.

We really enjoyed trying these flavours and feeling less guilty eating these snacks because of the thought that has gone into creating and delivering these. I have kept my subscription going and can’t wait for my March box to arrive!

Please visit Treat Often’s website here and give at least one box a go, you won’t regret it!

Happy munching 🙂





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