Cutlery Works – Kelham Island, Sheffield

A great food hub, perfect for social dining and drinking with some great street food vendors from Indian or Mexican food to Asian or American cuisine, so much to choose from!

We have been to Cutlery Works in Kelham Island a few times now and each time we have visited, our experience has improved. All ordering is run through the iBe app and I do feel that at times this needs real improvement, maybe the chance to order from different vendors at the same time. I feel like the waiting time for food has been lengthy on a few occasions too, once we waited 58 minutes for a burger… not great. However the most recent time we have been was for our Sheffield Foodie Social event (search @Sheffield_Foodie_Socials on Instagram) – a monthly event where Sheffield Foodies alike get the chance to meet up, share and try food and make more friends in the City.

Food Vendors;

Cutlery Works have 14 unique vendors on site, all are listed on their website here, from Edo Sushi to China Red, or Rad Dude to Ma Ba, so much fabulous choice. This makes dining out with friends so much easier and fun as you don’t have to enjoy a particular type of food to turn up, there should be something for everyone. What I particularly like (because I pretty much enjoy all cuisines) is I can try 2 or 3 different things in one sitting, guilt free! So what have I tried so far;

Jimmy’s Burgers – Sheffield born & bred burger enthusiasts that also enthuse about tater tots, onions rings and loaded fries. Still deciding if the burgers were worth the 58 minute wait but they were damn tasty, Juicy patties, great toppings that worked well together and lots of chips! We tried the Nduja Dare and Mac Daddy, their take on a Big Mac.

Pellizco – Northern Champion of British Street Food Awards 2021, Pellizco brings the finest Mexican street food to Cutlery Works, using traditional spices and techniques, to create incredible, authentic dishes. We had the Masa Fried Chicken Rice Bowl which I have to say needed more spice for me but was a real bowl of comfort, mouthwatering crispy coated chicken, strodgy rice, pickles, salsa and sauces, a vibrant satisfying dish.

Rad Dude – These guys combine their hot sauce with classic American deli sandwiches and some in-house creations. Just anything between 2 layers of carbs! We had the Kebab Loaded Fries. The name says enough, but these were so good! Felt wrong, but so right at the same time. Braised lamb on top of a pile of chips with lots or sauce and spicy chillies, what’s not to love seriously?

MA-ba – Offering Gujarato Indian Curries & Street Food from traditional recipes passed down through generations. You know I love a good curry, but I also really like Indian side dishes. So when I heard about the “Panchos” (Poppadom Nachos), I just had to order these and what a great choice. They were very popular on the Foodie Social night. Poppadoms, topped with all the favourite pickle tray toppings, presented like nachos but better because even after the first layer, you still had toppings! We also enjoyed the paneer spring rolls here too. I would definitely like to try a curry or 2 from here another time.

So in summary we have enjoyed Cutlery Works more and more as we have visited, especially when we were sat upstairs on the last time as it’s extra cosy and cool up there. We will most likely be back to try more and recommend that you do too! Give them a visit and let me know what you think!

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Happy munching 


Jen x

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