Chop Shop Grill – Kelham Island, Sheffield

Recently opened Steakhouse & Bar based in Kelham Island, Chop Shop Grill is the sister Restaurant to Butcher & Catch in Broomhill, and focuses on providing excellently cooked and great tasting meat , all sourced locally. The food here will go down well with meat lovers, however they do also cater for Vegetarian & Vegans.

As part of a monthly Sheffield Food Bloggers meet up that I get involved in, Chop Shop Grill were kind enough to host a group of us with a discount and free welcome drink & nibble. Our group of 16 people were a mixture of meat eaters and others that preferred not to eat meat, and all of us were impressed! To start off we were given a complimentary Limoncello Bellini and a nibble of a Pulled-Pork “Taco” – more like a loaded nacho – which were both yummy and a great way to get the evening started.

We just couldn’t decide what we wanted to try on the menu most, and a lot of the group wanted to try starters, so in the end we felt we went with the best option for a starter each, and then shared the Butchers Block of meat & 3 sides…

For starters we chose the Burrata Mozzarella (Burrata, courgette, pesto & basil) – a lovely light starter that I am a big fan of, with great Spring flavours and this was a decent portion, although in my opinion not sure if it was worth £8? Ben chose Pulled Pork Tacos (Spiced pulled pork, black corn tortilla, yoghurt, coriander, crispy onions) – which was in fact one large soft taco nevertheless a delicious one! Another great starter.

The main event! Because we just couldn’t make our minds up, we asked if the Butchers Block would be good to share. This consisted of a selection of meats from the grill & rotisserie (Half a chicken, Charred Feather Blade Steak, Cumberland Ring, Marinated Lamb Cutlet, and BBQ Pulled Pork) and 2 sides of your choice. We were advised this was a meal for one person, but that it’d be a good sharer for 2 people if you added another side or 2. So we ordered this between us with an extra side (We went for Chicken Fat Potatoes, Spiced Sweetcorn Ribs & Chop Shop Slaw). Our choice paid off as this was a real value for money option. It was MORE than enough if not almost too much, but we devoured it all the same.

All of the meat was superb, cooked really well and tasted gorgeous. Our favourites were the Feather Blade Steak – cooked rare and so light and juicy, as well as the Lamb. I felt the Chicken was dry in parts, but otherwise there was lots of it and we enjoyed it. The Pulled Pork and Cumberland Sausage were good also. Chicken Fat Potatoes are fabulous, and I had been wanting to try Sweetcorn Ribs for ages and these were brilliant – I am a fan of sweetcorn and it was slightly spicy, salty and super tasty. Maybe we didn’t need the slaw although it was good and you can tell it was made fresh (nothing more annoying than paying for shop bought coleslaw at a restaurant). I would absolutely suggest you go for this option between two people if you really want to try a good selection of meat at great value, I don’t think a 3rd side is actually needed but a good option if you’re struggling to choose!

The venue is open and modern with a decent selection of drinks available at the bar too. All of the food served to everyone was superb and received well. The overall service was a little slow however I think it was because the kitchen wanted to serve all 16 of us at the same time which I can only imagine is a challenge, and as a gesture of goodwill we gained a further discount for our event to make up for it, so in the end we were all very happy with our visit here and went home all content and in a daze from all the meat 🙂

With our discount and a couple of drinks the bill came to a total of approx. £45 between us both so not bad at all and we would definitely return on another occasion if we get the chance. For more information on Chop Shop Grill, check out their website here.

I hope that my review has inspired you to give this restaurant a try. If you have anywhere you recommend I should eat at, please leave a comment below. If you are a restaurant/food vendor and would like to collaborate with me in any way, please just email me at!

Happy munching!


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