Gousto? Give it a go!

Up until recently I've avoided "ingredients delivered to your door"kind of companies where you have to subscribe for a certain price per month/delivery, to have ingredients sent for you to cook, because I thought; why would I when I can just get the ingredients myself cheaper in Asda?? BUT In May I visited the Great … Continue reading Gousto? Give it a go!

You definitely won’t be Chilli with this recipe!

Call me mad but I could eat chilli con carne any day of the year! I absolutely love it and it's one of my favourite things to cook from scratch. Everyone has their own version of a Chilli and I've tried a few and taken inspiration from various recipes, to come up with my own. … Continue reading You definitely won’t be Chilli with this recipe!

Happy National Burger Day!!

Well national burger day is here and I'm unsure if I never want to see another burger again, or if that's all I wanna eat!! Haha! But seriously, I have found some proper tasty burgers and amazing restaurants in Yorkshire during my search for the "Top 5 Places to get a Burger in Yorkshire" for … Continue reading Happy National Burger Day!!

Burgers and more…

I have tried out a good few burgers in my time, and recently I've been on the lookout to visit more independent restaurants around Yorkshire to find the "Top 5 burgers in Yorkshire" for my Northern Magazine feature this month. Today I found my favourite burger restaurant so far. Based in Harrogate just a short … Continue reading Burgers and more…

Intro & a bit about Jen :)

Hi there! I’m Jen, I’m 29 and I live in Leeds. I LOVE food - cooking it and of course eating it, and I LOVE the joy it brings people. So here I am sharing my homemade recipes, or eating out experiences mainly within West & North Yorkshire, but occasionally venturing further afield! I have … Continue reading Intro & a bit about Jen 🙂