Jen’s Food Blog On Tour – Top Spot in Dublin for Breakfast

Having recently visited Dublin, I discovered that on the corner of St. Stephens Green is a fantastic spot to find some of the best breakfasts I’ve ever had!

Day 1: Saturday morning I jumped off the bus at Dawson’s Street, Dublin, close to Grafton Street, to grab some breakfast before sightseeing. As I walked from the bus stop towards St Stephens Green, something that smelt AMAZING stopped me in my tracks. A group of people were sat outside a cafe called Tang having their breakfast and I couldn’t help but stop and look. Something they were eating smelt so good, we instantly went into the cafe and asked for a seat.

The small corner cafe was quite busy already with it being a Saturday morning, but there was a table by the door which we took. Many other groups followed over the next 10-15 minutes, having to queue outside or be seated outside with their drinks initially, to then be moved when an inside table became free. We ordered coffee & a matcha latte both of which were served to our table fairly quickly and both were good. We also ordered the bread and hummus as sort of a starter plate (not something I usually do at breakfast but it sounded too good to miss); sourdough bread with homemade organic plain hummus and a beetroot hummus. We ate the lot.

The menu has a middle eastern vibe about it with hummus, tzatziki, flatbreads, and shakshuka on offer. The menu also offers Vegan and gluten free options such as buckwheat pancakes which are made to order, and cooked on a large metal hob for all to see.

We then chose the shakshuka, which was really tasty with a bit of a kick to it, and the sweet potato rosti topped with poached egg, which was EXACTLY what I love in a breakfast; fresh, mouthwatering and very filling. I could not fault the food that we had at all and have rated Tang a 5/5 on Trip Advisor.

This quirky little cafe did not disappoint, everything was fresh and tasty, and definitely offered a slightly different menu to most when dining out for breakfast.

Day 2: Sunday we headed to the same area of Dublin as Trip Advisor told us that the top rated place for Breakfast was a place called Hatch & Sons, just around the corner from Tang.

An underground cafe that’s a little easy to miss if you weren’t necessarily looking for it, but surprisingly big inside, and it was very busy too. We had to wait about 10 minutes for a table, of which were a little crammed together, but this didn’t spoil our experience. We had a bit of a wait for food also. The breakfast menu in comparison to the day before didn’t offer as much variety (they offer an all day menu) BUT if you’re on the look out for a “no fuss, just good honest food” type breakfast that includes the staple of eggs, bacon and sausage, then you’d be in the right place here.

We went for the double baked eggs with everything, which we both enjoyed, and with the sourdough bread was very fulfilling. It brought a nice touch that it was served in the skillet it was made in, though very hot!

There was also a very appealing array of cakes laid out at the counter however we were just too full to try any!

I’m not sure that I would rate it as the best place to go to for breakfast with there being many more places offering something different and more of a choice close by, BUT nevertheless we certainly enjoyed our food, received good service, and would recommend it as a place to visit.

Day 3: Last but not least on the Monday morning before heading to the airport to fly back home, we again headed to the same corner of Dawson St this time having breakfast at a cafe called Beanhive. We had passed this cafe both the previous days and had seen the large full “Irish” (same as a full English?) breakfasts that people were eating and they looked amazing. Well see for yourself!

We sat outside as the cafe was very busy and quite small, but this was fine. It’s just a shame that as the breakfast was so big, it was cold before I finished it!! Finishing it was a task, but I did it, I wasn’t willing to let anything go to waste. A decent, well-cooked breakfast that I cannot fault. The menu here also had a long list of freshly made sandwiches to choose from which all sounded superb and we wished we had discovered this previous to the day we were heading back home.

My coffee was even presented fabulously with some cute foam art, which is something the cafe is also known for it seems. (Check out their Instagram)

So all in all I had a great weekend in Dublin where surprisingly one of the most memorable things about my visit was the breakfasts on offer, and that was only within a very small area of the city. Hopefully one day I’ll return to discover some more fantastic options for breakfasts in Dublin!

If you live in Dublin or you are planning a trip there, I hope that you take the time to visit one of these amazing cafes, and I would love to hear all about it. Share your pictures and comments with me here or across my FacebookTwitter or Instagram.

If you would like to contact me regarding my blog / ideas on where to eat/what to cook, or would like to work with me (advertising/reviews/publishing recipes/other), then please feel free to email me on

Happy munching!







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