Chicken & Chorizo Grilled Lasagne

This recipe is a bit of a twist on the traditional lasagne but is just as yummy and satisfying and a refreshing change if you’re not keen on mince or ragu. It’s super cheesy and has a decent helping of your 5 a day in it too of course!

Make sure you have a wide enough pain to cook the lasagne sheets in as I had a little bit of an issue with mine sticking together in the pan, but managed to salvage them by running them under cold water whilst separating them.

Ingredients (for 3 portions);

  • 6 lasagne sheets
  • 75g chopped chorizo
  • 400G tin of ratatouille
  • 250g cooked, skinless and boneless chicken (we baked some chicken breast for about 30 mins before making this recipe instead)
  • 300ml cheese sauce
  • 1 large, ripe tomato
  • 50g grated cheddar cheese
  • Basil leaves to garnish
  • Salad to serve

Method (Approx. 1 hour prep & cooking time if cooking your own chicken too- but worth it!!);

  1. If you have decided to cook chicken breast instead of buying in cooked chicken, ensure this is fully cooked before the next step. We baked ours in the oven for 30 mins and chopped up into small bitesize pieces.
  2. Bring a deep, wide-based pan of water to the boil and cook the lasagne sheets for 10 minutes, ensuring they don’t stick together. Once cooked, drain and lay out separately on foil/non-stick surface. If sheets have stuck together, run under cool water whilst gently trying to pull them apart.
  3. Meanwhile, put the chorizo in a large saucepan and heat through, stirring for 2 minutes until the juices run. Stir in the ratatouille and chicken. Bring to a simmer gently whilst the pasta cooks.
  4. Pour the cheese sauce into another saucepan and heat gently until piping hot. If you are making the cheese sauce using a mix, whisk whilst heating for a few minutes to thicken up. Keep the sauce warm and preheat the grill to a medium.
  5. Spoon half the ratatouille and meat mixture into a rectangular casserole dish/oven tin. Lay half the sheets of lasagne on top. Spoon over the remaining mixture and top with the remaining lasagne sheets, pour the cheese sauce on top.
  6. Arrange the tomato slices over the sauce and sprinkle the grated cheese on top. Grill for approx. 15 minutes until golden and bubbling. Scatter a few basil leaves over the top and serve with the side salad!

Hope you enjoy this indulgent lasagne recipe, please send me your comments and pictures so that I can share these across my social media 🙂

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