Pieminister, Sheffield

Part of a chain of 16 restaurants across the UK dedicated to serving award-winning and sustainably made pies packed full with delicious fillings and served with fabulous trimmings, with a twist of Sheffield as a bonus!

I have eaten at Pieminister before a while back in their Leeds branch, but Ben had never been and to say he loves proper pies I was shocked. So date night at Pieminster it was and we loved it!

Luckily we managed to get a table on a Saturday evening without booking, and even arrived just in time for me to order 241 cocktails (before 7pm)!! As you walk into the venue you instantly know you’re in Sheffield as the wall facing the entrance is decorated with various music-related art, a bit of Goo Designs (Matt Cockayne’s work) and a lot of Henderson’s Relish appearances.

Aside from Pies, there are a few other options on the menu like Small Plates (Pork Scratchings, Pigs in Blankets etc) and Patties, but we were there for the star of the show, a good old proper pie. I say “proper” because we feel a pie can only be called so if the filling is FULLY encased in pastry, none of this putting a flimsy pastry lid on a bit of stew. The pies at Pieminister are thankfully “proper” – and they also come with a great selection of sides, the MUST HAVES being mash and mushy peas, but you can also choose from Smokey Baked Beans, Halloumi Chips and more. Douse it in gravy? Absolutely!

Depending on which city you’re visiting Pieminister in, you might also get a treat of a local Special. The one that was on offer in Sheffield was The Steel City Pie – a plant-based jackfruit “steak” and ale pie using Sheffield Brewery’s Get Thi’ Sen Outdoorez American Pale Ale. A great ode to Sheffield.

We went with 2 of the more traditional pie options – A “Moo” (Steak & Ale) and a “Free Ranger” Chicken, ham & leek. Both pies were delicious and had lots of meat and sauce inside, just how we like them! The pastry was cooked perfectly, crumbly and fairly thick but not too much and not soggy either. Both came on a fill of creamy, buttery mash and a side of minty mushy peas. And we got gravy boats each too. So yeah – safe to say we really enjoyed Pie Date night thoroughly! The only fault I have to pick out is that the food was more warm than hot and so became cold fairly quickly.

Pies are priced at £5.75 but add 2 regular sides to make it a meal and it comes to just £9.50 – great value for money. For 2 meals and 3 alcoholic drinks between 2 of us, we felt the bill was well-priced at a total of £30.90.

Although part of a chain, the quality of the pies hasn’t been diluted and I would recommend any pie lovers to give Pieminister a visit some time. Find out more about a branch local to you on their website here.

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Happy munching 





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