YOH Burger, Rotherham

This Franchise based in Yorkshire & Manchester is almost like a UKs version of Five Guys. Stacked burgers with a wide variety of toppings on offer, a large list of own branded sauces, fries & sides and various beverages & desserts too. Within the Rotherham venue there was also various American sweets on offer at the till. Bit of a mixed bag really… The below is my opinion and may be an unpopular opinion (or may not?), but here it is anyway!

We were really craving big, juicy burgers the other week and decided to try out Yoh Burger which was about a 15 min drive away from us. The Rotherham branch is literally based in a petrol station, which was strange as I didn’t expect this. The whole vibe was fast food that looked great but I couldn’t help but feel a little annoyed at paying restaurant prices to sit in a cold petrol station with my food on a plastic tray and clean up after myself too… also that I paid about £1.50 for a can of Pepsi when I could have got one from the petrol station fridge next to my table for half the price…

Despite this, the burgers were pretty decent and you did get a lot of food to be fair, especially the amount of fries and cheese sauce. Unfortunately though I was ashamed that I was threw away a lot of the cheese sauce and the sauces I had asked for on the side which came in large helpings. The burgers were yummy, had lots of toppings and like any good burger was very messy to eat (trick is to keep going and don’t put it down!).

I went for the Peri Slaw Beef Burger – Seeded Brioche Bun, 6oz Fresh YOH Black Angus Beef, Peri Coleslaw, Cheese, Lettuce, Gherkins, Secret YOH Sauce. The beef was great. The coleslaw looked and tasted shop bought and I am not sure what was “peri” about it… This was £10.99 on it’s own. I added Sweet Potato Fries – these were tasty and plentiful! With Cheese Sauce, and a can of Pepsi. Altogether this cost me £16.99.

Ben went for the Yoh 2.0 Burger – Glazed Brioche Bun, 6oz Fresh house minced YOH Black Angus Beef, Cheese, Onion, Gherkin, Lettuce, Tomato, Burger Sauce. A decent burger for £9.99 and with added House Fries, Cheese Sauce & can of pop came to a total of £14.99.

The food in summary was tasty and filling but unfortunately it’s not one of my top places that I’ve visited for a burger. If I had any tips for people giving this branch of Yoh Burger a visit it would be to either wrap up very, very warm and be prepared to part with approx. £35 for 2 people or be wise and order to takeaway, share your fries, and buy the drinks from the petrol station haha!

Find out more about Yoh Burger here. Please let me know if you’ve visited this restaurant before and what your thoughts were.

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  1. They constantly spam me with unsolicited text messages. I’ve replied to their STOP service, but it doesn’t work, they just keep coming. I’ve contacted them through their contact us web pages, to no avail, they have no respect for their (now ex) customers or indeed the law as I’ve requested they delete my details.
    Their food was pretty poor too.


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