Antler, Sheffield

This Persian & Mediterranean Grill & Wine Restaurant, Antler, is situated on Middlewood Road, Hillsborough and brings you a very relaxing, cosy and inviting atmosphere to thoroughly enjoy some mouthwatering food in with friends, family and perfect for date night! Enjoy an absolute spread of freshly marinaded and grilled meats, scrumptious dips and delicious side dishes here. Highly recommended by us!

Fabulously set out on the corner of Middlewood Road is this stylish, cosy restaurant where we enjoyed an excellent meal one Friday night. The restaurant wasn’t too busy but I would say to book to avoid disappointment. The menu consists of various small plates with vegetarian & vegan options also, and main meals of grilled meat, fish, vegetables or salads that all come with a side. There is also a great wine list to enjoy too.

We were unsure of the portion sizes but was hungry and I wanted to try a few different things so opted with 3 small plates and one main with side to share between the both of us. Well this was more than enough in the end as the owner/head chef kindly sent us the homemade flatbread and pretty much all of the dips on the small plates menu we hadn’t ordered to go with it! So we enjoyed a right spread, and to be honest there wasn’t much left as it was that yummy we couldn’t stop eating it!

We enjoyed;

  • Smoked Sausage (Small Plate); Sausage, onion, tomato paste and hint of chilli. This was a delicious small plate to share and dip flatbread into. The kick of chilli was decent too if you like some spice.
  • Dolmeh (Small Plate); Vine leaves stuffed with rice, spilt peas and tangy herbal pomegranate sauce. I love this Greek dish and this one tasted divine. It was definitely tangy and a little fragrant, I loved it.
  • Padron Peppers (Small Plate); Grilled padron pepper seasoned with sea salt. This was a very big portion between two of us but padron peppers are a great addition to a meaty and saucy dish as they give that bit of a refreshing, almost bitter taste and crunch to the meal.
  • Flatbread & all the dips (Gifted); We love a dippy/picky meal so this was perfect. Plates of various dips came at the same time as all the food so we could dip into them as we liked. We enjoyed Tzatziki, Hummus (very garlicky which is definitely not a bad thing), Olivieh – mashed potato with chicken, pickles, eggs & mayonnaise (this sounded interesting and ended up being my favourite dip – it reminded me of the chicken mayo sandwiches I used to get at Sixth Form and it was really tasty), Kashk O Bademjan – Pan fried aubergines mashed with dried mint and whey yogurt topped with walnut.
  • Ghafghazi (Main) with Zereshk Polo (Side); Mixed lamb rump, chicken filet, onion and pepper with Saffron rice bejewelled with caramelised barberries. The meat was juicy and grilled very well and the rice was a great accompaniment.
  • I enjoyed a red Merlot, and Ben enjoyed a few of the bottled beers.
  • The bill in total came to approx £45 which was real value for money.

We thoroughly all of the food here, highly recommend the restaurant, and will definitely be back. The staff did all they could to make it a great meal. Thank you Antler for having us!

For more information on Antler, visit their website here.

I hope that you enjoyed my review and it has inspired you to give this restaurant a visit. Please check out my other reviews, and my recipes too! If you have any restaurant/pub/café suggestions for me to try, please leave a comment below. If you are a restaurant/food vendor and would like to collaborate with me in any way, please just email me at!

Happy munching!


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