Simply Cake Co


I was matched with Simply Cake Co via @socialcat who kindly sent me these gorgeous goodies in the post! THANK YOUUU 🥰

For my honest and live review of their Chocolate Bar September Specials – Chocolate Crazy! – a show-stopping display of brownie goodness, check out my reel here! 6 large sized brownies featuring some classic chocolate bars. 🍫🍫

My faves – obviously the Bueno-style rocky road and actually the Daim bar millionaire’s shortbread.

I’m not a fan of mint flavoured things so the After Eight brownie was my least fave BUT the hooray brownie base was reyt good!

🎁These lovely brownies are posted swiftly to you from for £16.49 + postage. They last for Approx 10 days but you can freeze for later!! All goodies are Gluten free & vegan! Check out their current half price code too oh and DM me for a 10% off your first order code.

I also got to try these fabulous Stuffed Cookies, which are to die for!

As you’ve seen on my recent reel above, Simply Cake Co bring you delicious, delightful bakes that you can sit back and enjoy with only the effort of clicking a button and opening the package. Not just a great array of brownies but an amazing collection of cookies too – check out their current Halloween selection or send a “Thanks” or “LoveU” in yummy cookies as well.

Microwave these bad boys for about 15 seconds for a hooray centre and chop them up to top your ice cream for an extra treat!

For my videos showing the Stuffed Cookies – check out my Instagram Page here.

Check out now you won’t be disappointed.

Check out more of my product reviews here. If you are a restaurant/food vendor and would like to collaborate with me in any way, please just email me at!

Happy munching!


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