Quick & Easy Food – Jamie Oliver Cookbook Review.

The past week I have been following recipes from my new cookbook – Jamie Oliver’s 5 Ingredients Quick & Easy Food.

jamie oliver bookl

Whilst I really enjoyed the new ideas and tastes, I did find myself adding a sixth or seventh ingredient, but mostly it was something that was already in my cupboard, that I knew would add to the taste. I also found that although the recipes were only 5 ingredients, the meals I had chosen for the week, had just about all different ingredients in, so it saved me nothing on my weekly shopping spend! (Maybe a bit more research into the book and you could save yourself some money!)  Also – if you do carry out any recipes from this book, make sure you have plenty of red wine vinegar in – he must love it! It isn’t pointed out as an ingredient, but I used it in all of the recipes I had chosen for the week.

Jamie oliver sizzling sirloin 2

The book is set out very visually, and simple to follow. You can follow the method and prepare some ingredients whilst you are cooking, but to get used to the recipes, I would prepare all ingredients as you need them first (if you tend to flap around the kitchen in a panic like I do sometimes!)

Jamie oliver sizzling sirloin

For the Sizzing Sirloin pictured above I added peppers, and chilli flakes to the recipe ,just to fill it out a little and give it a kick. Previously we hadn’t been keen on aubergine, but it worked really well in this dish which was delicious!

jamie oliver smokey pancetta cod

All of the dishes I chose this week were very quick to make. Including prep time, I don’t think any of the meals took more than 30-35 minutes to make!

jamie oliver italian sizzling beef 2

For the “lighter” meals, I would just add a sweet potato or a pitta bread as a side to make it more filling.

jamie oliver italian sizzling beef

jamie oliver spinach curry

This Spinach & Paneer curry that I made, pictured above, barely filled my bowl, but with a small pitta bread and with the ingredients used, it actually really filled me! It wasn’t a “saucy” curry, but it tasted great and only took about 15 minutes to make! So for curry lovers on the go, this is a must!

This book is a great alternative to the ones I have used so far, and from this week’s experience, really is quick and (mostly, but not always) easy food! I would recommend you to give it a go if you like to cook from scratch, but don’t always have time through the week to spend more than half an hour making meals.

Contact me if you have any more questions on this cookbook and please let me know if I have inspired you to give it a go! Share your pictures and comments with me here or across my FacebookTwitter or Instagram.

If you would like to contact me regarding my blog / ideas on where to eat/what to cook, or would like to work with me (advertising/reviews/publishing recipes/other), then please feel free to email me on jen@jensfoodblog.com

Happy munching!




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