Tavernaki (former Souvlaki Restaurant and Bar), Leeds City Centre

Overall Rating – 4/5

Very tasty and traditional Greek food, but a bit pricey.

£45pp approx for meze platter plus 2 starters all shared between 4 people, and 4-5 alcohol drinks each.

In my week of being obsessed with Greek food after coming back from Corfu, a group of us visited Souvlaki in Leeds City Centre on a Friday night. The restaurant was fairly busy and it’s quite small so I would definitely recommend booking ahead.  The staff were all very friendly and attentive and the atmosphere in the restaurant was very inviting.

souvlaki 2

We decided to go for the Meat Meze which is £21.95pp and includes; Salad, pitta and a selection of dips, olives, Loukaniko (sausage flavoured with orange peel), Keftedes (Greek meatballs), cured meats, Mousaka, Beef Stifado, Pork & Chicken Souvlaki, fries, rice and roast potatoes. As there was no cheese on the Meze I also ordered the Saganaki, and we ordered the Calamari to try as well.  Between 4 of us this was a LOT of food. Unfortunately the sides of rice, chips and potatoes were served last so we didn’t really need them! The Meze is a really good way to try quite a few outstanding Greek dishes, especially noting the meatballs and Stifado! Between us we ate everything and were thoroughly full! Maybe leave the starters if you choose this option as we really didn’t need that much food, but it was all very tasty.


There is a wide range of Greek vegetable, meat and fish dishes here, and an array of appetising starters too! If you’re new to Greek food and want to sample different options, or you’re bad at making decisions, definitely start with the Meze, then visit again and opt for something else? I’d like to go back and try a lamb main or a Gemista dish – and more cheese and pitta with the dips of course!

I did feel that once drinks were involved this restaurant did start to get pricey, but we had a fun night with really good quality food so I would definitely recommend giving here a try.

Visit their menu here.




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