The Piebald Inn, Hunmanby

A traditional pub famous for its pies that’s definitely worth a visit if you’re passing/visiting Filey/Scarborough! Overall rating 7/10.

Recommended to me, this pub based in the village of Hunmanby not far from Filey, is known for serving a variety of traditional pies with a range of fillings to entice everybody! With over 40 different pies including main ingredients such as beef, chicken, pork, lamb or vegetarian and more, you’re sure to find a pie to suit you here. My advice – arrive hungry!!

As per the menu, The Piebald Inn offers traditional classic pies such as Steak & Kidney, Venison, Turkey & Stuffing to the slightly more unusual but delicious sounding pie fillings like Thai Green Curry, Pork Vindaloo and so on. On arrival the bar takes your drinks order and gives you a table number and menu. Your food order will be taken and then when you’re food is ready you’ll be taken through to the dining room.

As we’d made the trip over we decided to try a starter; Haggis & Black Pudding croquettes. These were deep fried in beer batter and were lovely and crisp and full of flavour and filling. Coming from not being overly keep on black pudding, I was surprised how much I enjoyed these – clearly homemade! The sweet chilli sauce these came with felt homemade too (forgot to ask) and definitely had a kick to it.

The pies we chose to try were – Cleveland Bay (a meaty feast as described!) containing three cuts of beef; skirt, brisket and oxtail, cooked with treacle, bacon, shallots and mushrooms. This pie was hearty and delicious and the plate was cleared!

We also tried – Dapple; Pork shoulder, with a touch of cider, caramelised onions, black pudding and slices apples. Bursting full of ingredients this tasted really good. Didn’t get much of the apple and it totally beat me, but lovely all the same.

All pies are made with a full shortcrust pastry casing, none of that pretend pie with just a bit of pastry shoved on top of a bit of gravy! They are all packed full of ingredients, and served with a choice of potatoes and vegetable sides. Please be aware that not all pies are available at all times, the pub has a board up inside that shows what is available at that time.

If you like a good pie and are in the Filey area, I’d recommend giving this place a visit, and enjoy a nice stroll along Filey beach afterwards to walk it off. For their full menu visit here.

Please do share your experiences/thoughts/feedback on your visit here or anywhere else that I have reviewed, I would love to hear about it!

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Happy munching!




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