Almost Famous, Leeds

This Northern burger joint with 4 locations has made a name for itself in Leeds and is well-known for serving stacked burgers, loaded fries, and wings. Overall rating 7.5/10.

Having eaten here a few times now I thought it was time to write a review! If you want to sink your teeth into a messy, juicy, stacked burger then here would be the right place. Serving 100% beef burgers topped with things such as cheese, bacon, shoestring onions, frazzles, red chillies, redneck BBQ, bacon mayo and bacon ketchup (River Pheonix burger), or what about cheese, smashed sausage patty melt topped with cheddar & mozzarella, onion, jalapeno, chorizo, mammas red sauce, wonderdusted curly fries, pepperoni and chipotle mayo (Pizza Sucks burger)? You are guaranteed sticky fingers and a full stomach!

The Leeds branch even have their own “This is Leeds” burger, celebrating a bit of Yorkshire: “Double cheeseburger, wensleydale, bacon mac ‘n’ cheese, BBQ pulled pork, henderson’s relish, shoestring onion, redneck bbq sauce and peppered mayo… Ay up!”.

So 4 of us went on a Saturday night recently. I booked a table earlier that week, which was wise as it was really busy when we got there and our table wasn’t quite free yet. Between us we tried;

Famous burger –  Double cheeseburger topped with salad, pickles and sauce.

Peter Luger burger – Double cheeseburger, wonder buttered peppered steak, smashed tots, shoestring onions, steak sauce, peppered mayo, dijon mustard.

Triple Nom burger – Double cheeseburger, pulled pork, slaw, redneck BBQ, famous sauce.

Honey I **** The Burger – Double cheeseburger, pulled pork, tots, redneck BBQ, honey
crackle bacon beerios, bacon bacon mayo, white onion, pickles

Pig & Waffle Fries – Waffle fries, slow cooked bbq pulled, pork, jalapeno, red onion, redneck BBQ, bleu cheese sauce

And some Hot AF wings

So we cleared the lot and left with sticky fingers and full bellies as promised!! There was nothing to fault in the food that we ate at all.  The only thing I would say is for me the toppings are fairly “samey” across all of the burgers and the menu is very “bacon heavy”. However, the place is popular and their choice of menu clearly works as this place is always busy when I have visited. I also think they change the menu up a bit every so often so that will keep things fresh too!

To check out their full menu, click here.

I’d love to hear from anyone that has visited Almost Famous and what you thought about it. Alternatively, if you have any recommendations for restaurants in Yorkshire that you think I should review, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

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Happy munching!




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