Yard & Coop, Leeds City Centre

Modern “Hipster-style” restaurant based in the Northern Quarter of Leeds Centre, well-known for serving Buttermilk Fried Chicken. Really tasty food and MASSIVE portions. Overall rating – 8.5/10.



Based on Merrion Street, this “Home of Buttermilk Fried Chicken” definitely fits in with the surrounding bars giving off a sort of Hipster/Indie vibe, and actually has a bit of a Stranger Things feel about it too (décor)!

Well-known for serving “proper” Fried Chicken in various forms; Drumsticks, Tenders, Wings, Burgers & much, much more including “Large plates” such as the Coop Kebab and Dirty Katsu, there are so many tasty courses to try here! If you’re not a chicken lover but still want to experience the taste they also serve Halloumi nuggets, Feta & Honey Kebab, and have a small Vegan menu.


My first visit here was due to an invite to a bloggers evening, to capture some best-selling dishes and taste samples to be able to share with my followers. Unfortunately I feel that the bloggers event was a little bit of a “free-for-all” and so I didn’t get to try much of the food, but what I did try was enough to entice me to return at a later date. I did however get to take advantage of plenty of the drinks that were flowing though, and there are some amazing cocktails to be had; check out their cocktail menu here.

The Feta & Honey Kebab is really good and actually very filling – Fried feta drizzled in honey & sesame seeds with rainbow root slaw and fresh coriander in a warm naan bread, served with minty buttermilk sour cream and kebab sauce, topped with a big chilli and pomegranate seeds. A lovely vegetarian option.  I also got to try the Buttermilk Fried Drumsticks – the coating is superb, and the Pea Fritters – Mushy pea and onion fritters, deep fried and served with hot brown sauce and gravy, something a bit different and a decent side dish. Aside from that, I managed to glance at some other dishes such as the Massive Cock MK V Burger (measuring over 12 inches no less!) but unfortunately didn’t manage to get my chops around it!


Recently returning specifically to try out their new Vegan burger – The Greta Thun-Burger, I took the opportunity to give some more of the food here a go!


So the Greta Thun-Burger, new for #Veganuary – “Vegan Fried Chicken”, not so chicken tot patty, Hash Brown, Vegan cheese, rainbow slaw & lime salsa, Garlic mayo & sriracha sauces served with skin on fries, oh and a big red chilli on top! The amount of food on that plate beat me but I gave it a good attempt and wolfed down most of my burger (all the fillings at least). I started off by attempting to take a few bites as it was but it turned out to be a knife & fork job. The Vegan Fried Chicken tasted amazing and to say it wasn’t chicken the texture and look of it was very similar. The Vegan cheese slice… hmmmm I just have a thing about Vegan cheese…I’m just not convinced by it at all, but it didn’t go against the dish. The hint of spice really brought the whole thing together for me. The skin on fries were just fries. Some say it’s hard to go wrong with fries but to be honest I disagree slightly, you can either be really impressed, have them just as a necessity side, or be really un-impressed by fries. These were ok, I wish I’d have tried the salt & pepper fries instead.

We ordered the “side dish” of the Chicken Tots – deep fries balls of pulled chicken, mixed with potato, fresh garlic and parsley and served with chicken gravy. The words side dish in quotations as this portion could literally have been a main! Unfortunately we couldn’t eat them all but we really enjoyed them, something I haven’t seen on any other menu and very delish.


We also tried out the Dirty Katsu “Large Plate” – A bowl full of fries loaded with chip shop curry sauce and buttermilk fried chicken breast topped with ranch sauce. Sounds amazing doesn’t it? And it was (Although yes it’s not the most photogenic meal)! Soooooooooo good! Definitely worth a try if you’re a Katsu/curry sauce fan! Again though, totally beat us!

In summary, the food here is finger lickin’ delicious, whether you go for a belly-filling meal, or just a side dish and a cocktail/beer or two, I would recommend you give it a visit!


January Offer!!! £1 glass of Prosecco when buying a main meal!!!

Yard & Coop also have an “Afternoon Tea” that is £20pp. Slightly different from the classic, this includes a 3 tier chicken feast; Dirty Bird, Amaizeballs, Gunpowder Chicken and finished off with Brownies and Cupcakes. All washed down with a large gin. Check it out here.

Well I hope I’ve inspired you to give this place a try and if so, please share your photos/comments with me over my social media  FacebookInstagram and Twitter or email me at jen@jensfoodblog.com.

Happy munching 🙂







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