Favela Brazilian Restaurant, Barnsley

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Independent Brazilian Restaurant carving up all you can eat meat and serving fabulous cocktails! Based in the centre of Barnsley, this lively restaurant is a must to visit!

It’s so good to be able to eat out again!!! And what a place to start 🙂 Favela is a Brazilian Rodizio Bar & Restaurant based in the centre of Barnsley and is great for meat lovers. But veggie’s don’t fear on missing out on a lovely restaurant as you have a choice of pasta dishes and a great side/salad bar selection.

Shortly after lockdown lifted and restrictions to only eating/drinking outdoors ended, myself and a friend visited Favela for a mid-week evening meal to celebrate her birthday. It was great to see the place almost full on a Wednesday night. Service here was good and due to current restrictions it was explained straight away to us how the dining worked here currently – you order 4 sides each from the salad bar and let them know how you like your meat cooked, and the food is brought to your table! You can keep ordering sides 4 at a time, and meat/fish/halloumi is carved straight from the grill and brought to you.

For £26.95pp (on an evening) you get 2 hours of all you can eat meat and sides and it really is worth it! We definitely had eyes bigger than our belly and pretty much had to roll out of the restaurant, but the cuts of meat we tried were fantastic. My photos do not do the food justice as I realised it is quite difficult to get some “photogenic” images when food is brought out sporadically and you’re picking at different sides as well.

We got to try just about all of the meats on their menu apart from chicken hearts, as well as halloumi and garlic bread and there was some salmon on offer however I am choosing not to eat fish after recently watching Seaspiracy and it shocking me into changing the way I eat! But that’s another story…

The pork belly was beautiful and I believe it was marinated in honey – lovely and sweet. The garlic steak and the chilli beef were both very flavoursome. The halloumi – well it was amazing as halloumi always is! Even the chicken wrapped in bacon was really good as the bacon was quality, thick cut bacon. Out of the 10 meats I tried there was just one piece of steak that was a little tough, but the rest was perfect.

There are a lot of sides on offer such as potatoes, salad, cous cous, stuffed mini peppers, olives, garlic mushrooms etc – you order these 4 at a time and they come in little ramekins to your table so you can pick at these along side your meat – my favourite way of eating.

I thought Favela was a fantastic place to dine out, especially for a special occasion, and would definitely recommend it. I will be visiting again in the future for sure.

For more information on Favela, please visit their website here.

I hope that you manage to give this restaurant a visit and I would love to hear your comments and see your photos of your time here. Please share comments and photos with me across my social media. Follow me now on FacebookInstagram and Twitter for more photos, competitions, recipes and more!

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Happy munching!






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