The Wisewood Inn – Loxley, Sheffield

An inviting and more modern country pub based in Loxley Valley, serving homemade pub food and delicious Sunday dinners as well as some fine Loxley Brewery ales (brewed on site).

Having been enticed to eat here after seeing some great reviews on Instagram, we decided to visit and try out their Sunday Roasts. The pub itself is based in Loxley Valley with roadside parking only, but offers some great countryside views should you get the chance to sit out in the beer garden or at the windows! They have an extra dining area in the cellar bar which is nicely done out and fairly modern (and very warm, almost too warm when we visited!!)

There’s a great selection of cask ales to choose from as well as all of the usual pub beverages but it would be a shame to dine here and not try out their brewery’s own.

Sunday Roasts here consist of a freshly roasted meat selection (of which you can choose up to 3 of them!) served with roast potatoes, mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables, Yorkshire pudding, gravy & Wisey cheese sauce. If you wish you can also opt for a smaller portion at less of a price and they cater for children’s portions too. As always our eyes were bigger than our bellies and we stuck with the usual adult portion.

For the meat we both went with pork and lamb, our favourites on a Sunday Roast. They were cooked well and were delicious; two big slices of each meat for each of us, fabulous! The roast potatoes were pretty much more like half a large baked potato but this was fine by me, and the mash wash fine too. Veg was broccoli, carrots and green beans, no complaints there. Topped with a big crispy Yorkshire Pud and again no complaints at all there. Lots and lots of gravy. Now the cheese sauce… I love cheese, and I don’t want to offend the chef at all, but whether it was my hangover or the fact that I prefer milder cheese than strong, it was a little too much for me! (Sorry!)… Maybe if it was made into cauliflower cheese that might have made it that more enjoyable for me. Great concept and addition to a Sunday Roast but for me it was too rich with everything together. Ben loved it and couldn’t get enough of it so you have a proper fan there.

So yeah all in all our visit to Wisewood Inn was good and the food more than satisfied us ready for a Sunday evening of food coma and trash TV.

To find out more about Wisewood Inn, please check out their website here.

I really hope that my review has given you some food for thought and intrigued you into giving this restaurant/pub a visit. Please do read some more of my reviews and take a look at my homemade recipes too if you fancy 🙂

Happy munching!






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