SUPPA Club @ Elsecar Heritage Centre, Barnsley

Did you know that once a month at Elsecar Heritage Centre there is SUPPA Club, an event that brings you some of the best Street Food, Craft Beer and even live music?! Well now you do! It’s a great day or evening for anyone and everyone in the local area. And it’s FREE ENTRY!!

We finally went to SUPPA Club last month after meaning to go for a while, and we loved it! The event runs once a month Friday 5-11 & Saturday 12-11. We went on the Friday of August Bank Holiday weekend arriving just after 6pm as it was starting to get busy. Set in the large Building 21 of the Heritage Centre this event is partially covered, with tables, chairs, a stage area for DJ/artists and the Bars (most important haha) situated inside, with pop-up food vendors set up in a courtyard area just outside of this. There is plenty of free parking too – so it really is a great event to visit for all the family.

Each event hosts a variety of street food vendors which tend to differ each time, but with some returning regulars that are popular with visitors.

There were 5 food vendors on this particular Friday (and I believe there tends to be a few more on the Saturday);

  • Hun Street Kitchen – providing a “Taste of Budapest” (Kebabs, Goulash, Loaded Fries, Hungarian-style chicken etc.), very popular indeed.
  • The Spicy Biker – Indian Street Food at it’s finest including “Mum’s Special Recipe Chicken Curry” with a secret blend of herbs & spices.
  • Yorkshire Grill Cheese – Grilled Cheese Sandwiches in all their glory, with Loaded Fries as a bonus.
  • Sutikku Bowl – Japanese inspired street food with homemade pickles and sauces to compliment!
  • Dough Bois – A sweet treat for the eyes, serving fully loaded cookie dough slices.

It was a tough decision as to what to go for first as everything looked delicious but we first headed to Hun Street Kitchen and shared the Budapest Kebab at £11 – Tasty Hungarian-style chicken (with peppers and onion), cheese sauce, garlic mayo. spring onion, naan bread and paprika salted chips. The chicken is cooked in a large metal wok for all to see! We were served our food immediately and it went down a treat. Delicious with a slight kick to it and the sauces were really tasty. The only thing I’d say is we were expecting the kebab to come in a naan bread but it came with a mini naan on top, but at least we could dip this in to the sauce! A great start to our visit.

Next I chose the Spicy Biker and their Mum’s Special Recipe Chicken Curry to share for £8. The wait for food here was a bit longer, approx. 15 minutes but everything was cooked fresh and I added a Bhaji on for £2 that came straight out of the fryer on to my plate! The curry was lovely, it had a unique taste to it, almost slightly minty and was nice and rich and fresh. The onion bhaji was perfect too and had potatoes & aubergine mixed in as well which really added to this Indian snack. Another yummy dish to enjoy between us and after that and a few beverages, we were just about full!

BUT. I could not leave Suppa Club without a dessert when they looked so amazing! Dough Bois, a local and fairly new pop-up food vendor, serves fantastic loaded cookie dough slices and they are so pleasing to the eye I had to have one! I went for the “Don’t Give a Daim” which was cookie dough filled with Nutella, topped with ice cream, caramel sauce, caramel and chocolate pieces and Daim bar. As someone that has a particular sweet tooth this was sickly, sweet and bloody gorgeous. It did defeat me a little though so Ben had to finish it off but I am so glad I tried it!

We visited again 🙂

This time in January… and it was a cold blustery evening, but that didn’t stop us enjoying some lovely grub! The vendors this time were;

  • StripClub Street Food – flipping up some great sounding burgers & fries. I went with the BBQ Bae Burger which was 2 aged beef patties, american cheese, beef dripping fried onions (won it for me), BBQ sauce, mayo, mustard,gherkin and all in a brioche bun. This was a great burger, massively messy but bloody lovely. I liked the tongue in cheek-ness about the whole brand.
  • Disco Fries – biggest queue I’ve stood in for a while and a few options had sold out whilst we were waiting (which only shows how popular and decent the fries are. We went with the Satay Night Fever – salt & pepper chips with peanut sauce, spring onions, chilli, coriander & mayo. These fries were worth the wait but I did really want to try the Chicken Kiev topped fries that sold out, maybe next time. Another stand-out brand.
  • Urban Cheesecake – again, couldn’t leave without a dessert even though it over-faced me!! I am following Urban Cheesecake on Instagram and they send me off drooling usually, so I had to try it. Slightly sickly,m but everything you want in an indulgent dessert, looked amazing too.

We loved this little gem of a local event and we hope to return regularly. I would recommend anyone in the Barnsley/Rotherham/Sheffield/Wakefield area that is looking for a bit of a Friday evening or Saturday out trying different food and drinks with some entertainment thrown in to give the Suppa Club @ Elsecar Heritage Centre a visit. Find out more about this in the Suppa Club website here.

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Happy munching 





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