Urban Choola, Sheffield (5 Course Lunch Tasting Menu!)

Last weekend we were kindly invited to try out the new Lunch Tasting Menu launching the 5th March at Urban Choola, a lovely Indian Restaurant situated on Eccleshall Road in Sheffield. You will be able to try some of the best Indian food for just £25 for 4 courses or £28 for 5. This menu will also have a wine pairing option for just an extra £15 – bargain!

I would class the food here more on the fine-dining side of Indian Food, deliciously authentic, we enjoyed each course very much. It was great to be invited to this event to be able to give feedback, which I am sure from all the other foodies attending, was all positive. The Lunch Tasting Menu will be on offer every Saturday & Sunday starting this weekend, alongside their A La Carte menu.

Example of the menu on offer, this is subject to change;

The Tamarind & Tomato Soup with a little dumpling for a starter, or more of an Amuse-Bouche (apparently I sounded like Delboy saying that haha), was delightful! A bit of a kick to get the meal started, with some real in depth flavour.

We then enjoyed a sort of “nibbles course”, trying the Chicken Tikka Samosa – chicken thigh, tamarind & mint chutney. A large, freshly made Samosa with perfectly crispy pastry and packed full of filling. The chutney was absolutely gorgeous. We also went with the Chicken Lollipop with Chilli, Garlic & Tomato Chutney. Little balls of chicken deep-fried to give a nice coating on the outside, a nice nibble!

For the “starter” course Ben chose the Red Pepper Tiger Prawns with mint chutney. The dish was served beautifully and to be fair even though I am still choosing not to eat seafood, the prawns looked like absolutely perfect, big, juicy prawns. They definitely got the thumbs up. I, of course, chose the Achari Paneer Tikka with roast peppers. I literally got a block of cheese on my plate, and why would anyone ever not want that!! Delicious, looked great, cooked well, good flavour – perfect!

When it came to the main courses, we were again wowed by the flavours and deliciousness of the dishes. Ben chose the Nalli Gosth Slow Cooked Lamb Shank and although not very photogenic, this dish was full of spices and flavour that are making my mouth water again as I type. Tender cooked lamb that just fell off the bone, a great choice. I chose the Butter Chicken Masala – chicken tikka, dried fenugreek & cashew nut. This was a tasty dish, maybe a little too much on the creamy side for me, but rich and the chicken was 2 large chicken breast strips cooked tikka style as opposed to chunks hidden within the sauce, which I thought was a nice touch. The rice and naans as always were a perfect accompaniment. Another great course.

Now I am torn when it came to the Dessert course, the Gulab Jamun – fried dough balls in rose syrup, was nice and warming and sweet. As this was the first time I had tried this the texture was a little strange initially but I soon came to enjoy this and the sweetness of the syrup definitely helped. The Falooda Kulfi was not to my taste I am afraid, the kulfi didn’t seem to taste of much but the corn vermicelli that it came with just didn’t belong there for me and I didn’t enjoy the taste unfortunately. This could just be my taste however, I have a sweet tooth when it comes to dessert.

For my drink I decided to go for the Mango Lassi of which I am becoming a fan! Refreshing, thick smoothie that is so refreshing especially alongside Indian food. One of my foodie friends ordered this with rum – what a good idea, and yes I have noted this for next time!

The service here was friendly and very attentive and it was great to see the staff and chef really take an interest in the feedback of the city’s food lovers, I really hope the feedback helps and the Tasting Menu is a success! To find out more about Urban Choola, visit their website here.

I hope that my review has inspired you to give this restaurant a try. If you have anywhere you recommend I should eat at, please leave a comment below. If you are a restaurant/food vendor and would like to collaborate with me in any way, please just email me at jensfoodblog@gmail.com!

Happy munching!




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