Firepit Rocks, Sheffield (Bottomless Brunch)

This “American Sports and Dive Bar” based in Sheffield City Centre offers a casual, fun hang out, great for enjoying some “BBQ” grub, live sport, partying to a mixture of indie/rock/hip hop music and various other things such as retro gaming and jam nights. It has a bit of everything for everyone! Firepit Rocks also offers a bottomless brunch Friday to Sunday for £25pp, 2 hours of unlimited lager, prosecco or cocktails and a main meal, and this is what we were there for.

Having looked at a few options for a bottomless brunch on a Saturday in Sheffield, we settled on Firepit Rocks because it seemed like real value for money -£25 for 2 hours of unlimited drinks and a brunch meal option. I tend to avoid the Bottomless Brunch options that offer more breakfasty food as I use the time limit to fit in many drinks as I possibly can so need something substantial to soak it all up, but the menu here was different enough to catch my eye. It wasn’t your egg & avocado on toast or bacon sandwich small meal, here you can enjoy more filling and appealing dishes like Chicken & Waffles, Breakfast Wrap, Veggie Wrap etc. It was also really good that there was more than just processo on offer as some places only provide that as the drinks option like so many did when Bottomless Brunch became a thing. As I can’t seem to drink Prosecco recently and not everyone enjoys it, it was nice to have the option of lager and cocktails too at FIREPIT.

I would say the service here was ok. I had missed the fact that there was a food pre-order form to fill out when I booked the brunch, and so when we were shown to our table we just got, “I see you didn’t feel the pre-order form out so do you know what you’re wanting?”, without being given a menu… Also when our food came out a few minutes later we were given chips each and was told “oh sorry I forgot your chips, here they are”, to which we just accepted them but then were charged extra even though we never actually ordered them. BUT in saying this, the staff rectified the extra charge and confusion and to say we were probably being quite greedy, we managed to enjoy 5 drinks each in the 2 hours and the food service was quick too. So I would say overall this made up for the slight hiccups.

Between us we decided to share 2 different meals for the variety, and went with the Chicken & Waffles and Breakfast Wrap. Both dishes were really good. The waffles were crisp and sweet and the chicken was juicy, fried, BIG portions and delicious. I especially liked the syrup & BBQ sauce on the side as I have a massive sweet tooth, but Ben loved the hot sauce with these as he loves the more savoury and spicy flavours. The Breakfast Wrap was also really good, filled with sausage, bacon, egg, cheese and lettuce and went perfectly with the hot sauce. So yeah the food went down really well and actually properly filled us up…but not too much to not enjoy our drinks.

The lager on offer in the brunch is Freedom Pale which we enjoy, and I of course tried a few cocktails; Lady Liberty which was nice and fruity and refreshing, Long Island Ice Tea a lovely tangy and strong cocktail and I topped it all off with a Texas Rose which was a little more like a dessert so that ended the meal very well for me.

I really liked the venue; anywhere with music memorabilia, album covers plastered across the ceiling, neon lights and good indie music is always going to be a winner for me so I could see myself coming back here for a few drinks on an evening. For more info on Firepit Rocks, visit their website here.

I would recommend the bottomless brunch here and if I had to rate it I would give it a 7/10, but now I’m ready to discover another. Any recommendations for Bottomless Brunches based in Sheffield?

I hope that my review has inspired you to give this restaurant a try. If you have anywhere you recommend I should eat at, please leave a comment below. If you are a restaurant/food vendor and would like to collaborate with me in any way, please just email me at!

Happy munching!


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