Nam Song, Sheffield (Breakfast)

This Vietnamese Restaurant, Cafe & Bar with venues based in Sheffield and Leeds, was created by gap year travellers that experienced the incredible country of Vietnam and wanted to bring a little of the atmosphere, food and the coffee back to Yorkshire. As their website tells you; NǍM SÔNG (MEANING FIVE RIVERS IN VIETNAMESE, AN ODE TO OUR FOUNDING CITY OF SHEFFIELD WHICH IS BUILT ON SEVEN HILLS & FIVE RIVERS) IS AND ALL-DAY-ALL-NIGHT COFFEE SHOP, RESTAURANT AND BAR SERVING UP OUR FAVOURITE VIETNAMESE FOOD, DRINKS AND OF COURSE THE LEGENDARY PHIN FILTER COFFEE. And they now serve breakfast which includes an amazing Vietnamese twist to a fry up.

I have yet to try their day/evening menu, but if the dishes are as impressive as their fry up then Nam Song is DEFINITELY on my list to visit again! I dined here (Dyson Place, Sheffield) for brekky with some foodie friends one Saturday morning and it was fairly quiet – the word about their breakfasts must not yet have got out!! – however it was nice to not have to compete for a table and be able to catch up with friends and enjoy the food in a relaxed atmosphere. The decor is vibrant and quirky, with many low hanging lanterns, and bright orange walls (there is a reason for this, look up their website for more info).

Two Meat Eaters & Two Veggies!

The Breakfast Menu is served daily until 11am and consists of 3 Fry Up Options; Meat, Veggie and Vegan, as well as some Toast option and lots of delicious coffees on offer including the Traditional Black Vietnamese Phin Filter Coffee with Condensed Milk. Now I do enjoy a veggie breakfast a lot of the time, but I did not want to miss out on the Sweet Chilli Sausage and Beef in the meat option So there’s what I went for;


Now this was a plateful of heaven! The sweet chilli sausage had just a hint of sweet chilli, not too overpowering for a breakfast. The beef was lovely like a diced stir-fried steak. The fried eggs were just runny and had a nice dusting of sriracha spices. I am not sure of the relevance of the Dairylea triangle but I ate it and enjoyed it! If I had to criticise this breakfast in any way down to personal preference, it would be that there was maybe 1 meat variety too many? Not sure if the breakfast needed the bacon as well as the large helping of pate? And I could have done with an extra piece of toast to go with it all. But the food was beautiful. The tofu was divine!!! – crispy coating of sweet chilling batter, really good! If I had the chance to go again and change a few things I’d swap out the meat pate for the edamame pate included in the Veggie & Vegan fry ups as this was lovely and fresh and had a bit of a kick to it and I’d maybe ditch the bacon. But I highly recommend giving this restaurant a visit for their breakfast option.

We all took advantage of the Coffee offer in May that was a free Phin Filter Coffee (hot or iced, with condensed or coconut milk) with every fry up. I went with the hot option with condensed milk. It was interesting how this was served and filtered before you drank it, and I loved the sweetness that condensed milk gave the coffee (as you know I have a sweet tooth)! Definitely one to try.

Nam Song serve up many other Vietnamese dishes and drinks and I hope to re-visit and try more things on their menu. Check out there website here for more information.

I hope that my review has inspired you to give this restaurant a try. If you have anywhere you recommend I should give a review, please leave a comment below. If you are a restaurant/food vendor and would like to collaborate with me in any way, please just email me at!

Happy munching!


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