Lucky Fox Diner, Sheffield City Centre

Lucky Fox (est 2014) is a Diner based on Division St, Sheffield City Centre, originally famous for it’s fried chicken – making their own batter and frying to order! More recently they have refreshed their menu to offer a small selection with more of a variety of American Diner style food such as subs, bagels, craft beers etc and offer a rotating menu with weekly specials too. Be prepared for a messy but satisfying one!

We went to Lucky Fox for a pre-Tramlines Festival lunch on a Friday and the place (holds about 18-20 people with outside seating if weather isn’t playing up!) was already full, but staff were on hand to let us know that a table was soon becoming available and we could take a seat on a bench just outside the door, so we weren’t waiting too long. The diner is quite a casual, hipster-style venue and I hear that the chicken is freshly battered and fried to order so already an initial thumbs up from me.

The menu at the time of our visit consisted of a variety of burgers or chicken “meals” such as: Fat Elvis Burger – “Our Famous Fried Chicken, topped with Cheddar, Slaw, Smoked Bacon, stuffed with our house cut fries, and served on a soft bun. A dirty burger.”, Luckybox – “A large portion of fries, two of our wings, three chicken tenders, a side of our housemade gravy, plus hot sauce and BBQ sauce for dipping!”, The O.G Club – “Our famous fried chicken sando with bacon, cheddar, lettuce and tomato on a potato bun. Served with a handful of fries.” and more… including sides of wings. Since our visit the menu has cut its Fried Chicken options down to the Lucky Chick Burger and Chick N Fries (which IS luckily what we chose so can showcase below some of their best bits). You also have a choice of subs, bagels and a rotating menu with specials too.

Our choices were;

Lucky Chick Burger – fried chicken served with lettuce, pickles and hot mayo on a potato bun. Served with a handful of fries. – This was one big burger and big portion of fries. Wasn’t sure what a potato bun was, pretty much a soft bread bun. The chicken was big and juicy and the batter was really tasty and unique, very flavoursome with a lot of thyme coming through. It was a little dry in parts and my only regret is not asking for dipping sauce. The burger was really good and a bit messy but aren’t all good burgers? Fries were crisp and lovely.

Chick ‘n’ Fries – Famous fried chicken and fries with a sauce of choice. – A simple but classic and very filling meal. Again the chicken was cooked well in their homemade batter/coating. There was lots on the plate so another very filling meal. We chose hot sauce and this was your standard hot pepper sauce which went well over everything.

Wings – I didn’t initially order these but I got greedy while waiting and asked if we could also have 5 wings to share, in the BBQ Sauce. The wings were fairly big, sticky, sweet and gorgeous and smothered in BBQ sauce – hit the spot!

For a filling lunch we probably didn’t need the wings but really enjoyed them and we almost finished everything and were fit to burst. We washed everything down with a can of Four Pure Lager.

Our server was really friendly and attentive and the only thing to pick on from our visit was it seemed to be a long wait for some friend chicken, but the fact they fry to order meant the wait was fine. Apart from the batter being a little over-cooked/dry in parts, everything we ate was superb and I would 100% recommend a visit here.

To find out more about Lucky Fox, Diner check out their Instagram Page here.

I hope that my review has inspired you to give this diner a try. If you have anywhere you recommend I should eat at, please leave a comment below. If you are a restaurant/food vendor and would like to collaborate with me in any way, please just email me at!

Happy munching!


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