Amigos Mexican Kitchen – London Road, Sheffield

Local Halal “fast-food” Mexican Restaurant based on London Road on the outskirts of Sheffield City Centre, serving an array of Mexican-themed street food, chicken dishes and burgers with vegan and lunch options too. Note that this place does not serve alcohol, but allows you to take your own beer and wine with a small corkage fee to be expected.

This week we dined in at Amigo’s Mexican Kitchen and for a “fast-food” restaurant it was very busy for a Tuesday evening (book ahead to avoid disappointment). The food here was really good so we could see why locals are drawn here. I wouldn’t necessarily say that the menu encapsulates all of the authentic Mexican delights you would expect, with a lot of burgers and peri peri chicken being on offer, but we enjoyed what we chose all the same. I would also say this is not a formal or “dressy-up occasion” venue by any means, but don’t let the no frills attached atmosphere put you off trying their good value and honest food.

For starters we enjoyed: Jalapeno Hotshots; Jalapenos covered in cream cheese & deep fried – these were tasty and a decent portion with 5 pieces, served with a sweet dipping sauce. Lamb Mince Empanadas; South-American style pasties, served with a chipotle salsa – again decent portion for a starter with 2 large pasties clearly made fresh. Really crispy and very yummy.

Our delicious mains were; Lamb Fajitas; strips of meat and peppers cooked with seasoning and served sizzling on a skillet, served with 2 tortillas, corn chips and 3 sauces – the lamb was particularly seasoned well and tasted gorgeous. A traditional Mexican dish and these were a treat to have with corn chips in, something that we wouldn’t usually think to add but DEFINITELY adding when we make our own in the future. Ben really enjoyed these. I had the Chicken Poblanos; Crispy coated chicken served on gratin potatoes, topped with cream cheese and melted cheese, served in a tangy tomato sauce with salsa – something totally different to what I’d had from a restaurant before and I really enjoyed it. Comforting, cheese and very filling.

We washed the above down with a few beers we took ourselves, and didn’t bother with a dessert. The service was ok.. the restaurant was busy so we understood when it took a while to be served and that we had to draw attention to ourselves. We also had to ask for cutlery twice. The restaurant could probably do with a fan or air con if we are going to enjoy regular hot weather like we have recently. But aside from this, the food was really good and we would recommend that you take-out or dine here if you’re into Mexican-themed comfort food.

For more information about Amigos Mexican Kitchen, check out their website here.

I hope that my review has inspired you to give this restaurant a try. If you have anywhere you recommend I should eat at, please leave a comment below. If you are a restaurant/food vendor and would like to collaborate with me in any way, please just email me at!

Happy munching!


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