Decem Drinks

🍸DRINK LESS, ENJOY MORE // Decem Drinks 🍸


Dry January, fad diets, quick fixes; these aren’t for me. I prefer changes that are long term and more of a lifestyle. Cue the lighter gin alternative that Decem Drinks have to offer!!

Why should it have to be a choice between the usual stuff at 40% ABV or the 0% ABV alcohol free alternatives at nearly the same price? I want to cut down but still enjoy the taste and the benefits of alcohol without drinking too much.

At 10% ABV once served with a mixer DECEM gives you a delicious drink of just 2.3% ABV. It allows you to enjoy the tastes and flavours of your favourite spirits without the negative excess. This means less calories too and you know I’m all about squeezing as much out of as little calories as I possibly can!

I was gifted a bottle of the London Dry Gin and it’s super yummy and great for any occasion such as a quiet drink at home on a Friday night or with friends at a get together! Perfect and very refreshing when mixed with a tonic or fruit flavoured water over ice 👌🏼

Decem is founded by Masterchef UK finalist Billy Wright and their spirits are proudly made from my home county, West Yorkshire.

Check them out now here, cheers 🥂

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Happy munching!


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