Pork Belly Sunday Roast


I do love a good homemade Sunday Roast every now and again, despite how much mess of the kitchen it makes, and only having 2 to really cook for! But there’s nothing better to end your weekend with than a big comforting dish and using up leftovers in sandwiches for days.

I came across this Pork Belly Recipe from Gordon Ramsey that was absolutely delicious, and quite easy to make!! Find the recipe here.

I paired this with some scrummy, cripsy roast potatoes and carrots – find the recipe here (added carrots to the recipe but treat them the same as the potatoes).

For the gravy we followed the Gordon Ramsey receipe adding mustard to the juices, and I also bought some apple sauce to go alongside too! Beautiful!  We then had Pork Belly sandwiches with lettuce and apple sauce for the next two following days, what a treat!

Please give this easy peasy recipe a try and share your results, photos and comments with me across my FacebookTwitter and Instagram. I do love to pass on some cooking inspiration 🙂

Happy munching!


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