Rinaldi’s, Wakefield

Faultless and delicious food at this lovely little Italian Restaurant based near Wakefield.

I recently visited Rinaldi’s in Sandal, Wakefield on a lunch time with work (over 30 of us). I’d describe this restaurant as a fairly traditional independent Italian restaurant, with simple and clean décor, a vast menu and a warm atmosphere. We all sent our Main & Dessert choices the week before our booking and being a bit cynical, I expected something to go wrong, as it normally does when dining in a large group at a restaurant. I have to say, the service & the food was absolutely spot on and totally faultless! This view was shared by all.

The menu here is vast, covering pasta dishes, meat & fish and salads as well as traditional starters and desserts to accompany. Even for a lunch time sitting, the portions are quite large, but I managed a main and dessert without being really over faced.



For my main meal I enjoyed the Tagliattelle Con Pollo. Chicken in a creamy tomato based sauce with tagliatelle pasta. A large portion, but delicious, and as much as I was going to leave some to make sure I had room for dessert, I ate the lot! Popular dishes amongst the group was the Pork Chop, Calzone and Tagliatelle with fillet steak. Everyone seemed to really enjoy their meals, the only criticism being that one of the calzones didn’t seem to have as much filling in as the others and was fairly doughy. 

For dessert I decided to treat myself and just had to have something chocolatey. I chose the chocolate souffle… This was absolutely delicious, although I wouldn’t’ say this was a souffle, but actually a fondant. Rich chocolate sponge and melt in the middle gooey white chocolate, served with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream. Absolutely divine. I’d go as far to say it’s one of the best desserts I’ve ever had. I finished the lot. For me it was just right, any more and it would have been quite sickly, but I do love chocolate and have a sweet tooth. This was a popular choice of dessert amongst the group as well as the Tiramisu (biggest portion I’ve ever seen!) and the Chocolate “torte” or hot chocolate fudge cake.

Not only was the food of great quality, the service was really good and everything was served correctly and within great time.  This was such a nice treat dining here on a Wednesday lunch time, and I would recommend to anyone even large groups to give this Italian restaurant a try. Check out their full menu here.

Let me know what you think of this place if you get the chance to try.

Happy munching!



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