Foodhub App // Huang Lou Xing, Sheffield (Takeaway)

Foodhub App Experience

Last weekend I was asked to try out the new Foodhub app by way of a gifting opportunity to get a taste of what the app was all about. I already had the app downloaded after hearing about it through word of mouth, but hadn’t yet used it.  Foodhub market and pride themselves on not taking commission from the food establishments providing the orders via their app, unlike certain rivals. This means that they can offer better prices and deals to customers as well as being cheaper for local businesses to use.

At first glance I looked at the Foodhub app compared to other apps like Just Eat, which  are all simple to use and look fairly similar, but do have slight differences, so I documented my experience with Foodhub to show you how easy it was to use.


Firstly, I just popped in my postcode to find takeaway restaurants that delivered in my area. Straight away I could see that there were 35 takeaways near me, only 3 less than on the long-established Just Eat app, and consisting of some restaurants that aren’t currently on the other food apps.

From there you can glance at the list of all restaurants or filter your search by cuisines or sort the list by various options. We had already decided we wanted a Chinese as it had been a while with them all closing due to Covid-19! There were 2 takeaways to choose from (noted that there was only 1 Chinese takeaway in the area on Just Eat). Once filtered by Chinese cuisine, I could easily see some detail on the 2 options it gave me such as star rating, distance, delivery charge, minimum order and any offers that were available.

We had a look at both of the takeaway menus and went with Huang Lou Xing as it had the best sounding Set Meal for 2 (£29) – more on this further down. To view the menus all you have to do is choose the restaurant you want to look at from the initial list, and you can either scroll down to look through it all, or once you start scrolling there is a menu tab at the top that you can click on to take you to specific sections of the menu such as starters, mains, curry dishes etc.


Selecting your order is as simple as selecting “add” next to the items and once you’re done you just head straight to your basket where the order details will be listed as well as any discounts, delivery charge, a space to enter any discount coupon codes and an area to write any instructions for your order. When you checkout you can choose cash or card, and depending on the restaurant, you can also use ApplePay on your iPhone. For this particular restaurant I had to manually fill in my card details.

Once paid, you are given a little countdown on when your food should be expected by, which updates as the restaurant updates the orders as it is processed; Order Placed – Food being prepared – Food en route – Delivered. Don’t know about you, but I love to keep an eye on it and then get really excited when the delivery driver knocks!!

So from start to finish, there were no issues with using the app, it took less than 5 minutes from start to payment (for once we knew roughly what we wanted), and I would definitely use the app again due to the flexibility of restaurant choices and discounts offered.

Food Review

It was the first time we had ordered food from Huang Lou Xing in Sheffield (S6), but out of the 2 available on Foodhub, the Set Menu for 2 at £29 sounded the best. This consisted of; Hot Platter for 2 (Seaweed, Spare Ribs, Vegetable Spring Rolls, Prawn Toast & Chicken Skewers in Satay Sauce), Sweet & Sour Pork, Fried Mixed Vegetables, Chicken & Peppers in Black Bean Sauce and 2 x Special Fried Rice. Oh and we received the good old free bag of prawn crackers 🙂

There was definitely too much food for 2 people, or for us anyway! So we boxed up some leftovers for lunch the next day. However the quality of the food was really good, everything was cooked well and we enjoyed it all. We especially liked everything in the Hot Platter, even the seaweed which was very sweet! And the special fried rice was packed with meat, the only one I wasn’t keen on was what I think was ham, but that was personal preference.

Delivery time expectation on the app was approx 45 mins and the food came in 35 minutes which was great. What I would say is that the menu prices for Huang Lou Xing were quite a bit more expensive than the other Chinese takeaway available on the app, but they were offering 15% off, so with the discount and my gifted coupon it was well worth it.


I’d be more than happy to order food from Huang Lou Xing takeaway again, in fact writing about it is making me crave that Hot Platter Starter again!

Check out Foodhub for yourself here, and I hope that your experience is as good as mine 🙂

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Happy munching 🙂

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