Food Hub App // Gate of India, Morley (Takeaway)

Foodhub App Experience – 10/10

GIFTED | AD – I have used the Foodhub app to order takeaways now a few times and I haven’t found a fault yet, it is so easy to use!  Foodhub, unlike rivals, pride themselves on not taking commission from the food establishments providing the orders via their app. Your local takeaway can be charged on average 15% commission when you order via other apps such as JustEat or UberEats, and customers aren’t aware of this. FoodHub doesn’t charge this, which means it’s a better deal for the local takeaway, and means that they can offer better prices to customers also.

Please check out my previous review on the full guidance of how to use the FoodHub app, but it really is simple and easy and most recently I have used it to order Indian Food as per below, from a local takeaway to me.

So from start to finish, there were no issues with using the app, it took less than 5 minutes from start to payment (for once we knew roughly what we wanted), and I would definitely use the app again due to the flexibility of restaurant choices and discounts offered.

Food Review

This was the first time I had ordered from Gate of India but had heard from a few friends that had dined in before that the food here was really nice so I decided to treat me and Mum to a Sunday night curry, and it was delightful!

The only thing I will say is that I wouldn’t usually spend £29 on a takeaway for 2 – this got us poppadoms & pickle tray, 2 starters, 2 mains and a side.. little pricey but thankfully I was gifted a discount, and I had leftovers for the following day. Food took around 30-40 minutes to arrive on a Sunday evening which was great, all packed up really well, still all very warm, and everything was delicious.

We had poppadoms & pickle tray to start – I ordered 2 poppadoms, and we got 4 so one portion must give you 2 just as a note. Pickle tray had all the usual lovely dips. You have to start every Indian meal this way I think.

For my starter it had to be Paneer Tikka because as you know any menu with cheese on especially an Indian takeaway menu, I HAVE to order it haha. Big chunks of Paneer cooked in spices with yogurt sauce over the top was mouthwatering. Mum chose the Onion Bhaji for a starter, 1 portion gives you 3 Onion Bhajis which is really good, and they were lovely.

For my main I decided to try something little different and went with one of the “Specialities” – Chicken Devdas – I think some Indian takeaway menus like the one for Gate of India, are so vast and the description to most dishes is pretty much the same, therefore yes it was quite similar to curries I have had in the past but I still enjoyed it. This was a saucy curry with a tomato, garlic and chilli based sauce rather than a creamy one, with peppers onions and chunks of chicken, oh and 2 large green chillies on top! This was really tasty and had a great kick to it from the spice. What is good about this restaurant is that you can order a mild, medium or hot version of any dish, so I ordered hot which was just enough for me but I think it could have definitely been spicier for other people that can tolerate it a bit more. I ordered Pilau rice to go with this.

Mum went for her usual of a Special Biryani. As always she thought this was “scrummy”, full of prawns, chicken, lawm with a rice sauce packed separately, and everything was cooked to perfection with leftovers for the next day as well!

Overall we really enjoyed our takeaway from Gate of India and I’d be happy to dine in there too from the recommendations I have had! Check out more about them on their website here.

Check out Foodhub for yourself here, and I hope that your experience is as good as mine 🙂

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