Pom Kitchen – Sharrow Vale, Sheffield

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

This Aussie inspired Vegan & Veggie Eatery is bang on with their social media influencing as it draws in queues of people looking to try out one of their Insta-worthy Hot Chocolates and colourful food, and I was one of those people!

Not usually one to follow the herd regularly, and DEFINITELY not one to spend a lot on a sarnie and hot drink if I can help it, I’m going to say it was worth it at least this once, to be in with the crowd and spend that little bit more to experience something that pops up on my Instagram pretty much daily. With a pretty shop-front and an array of people outside, this small cafe is easy to spot when driving down Sharrow Vale Road despite there being a plethora of delis and cafes within the same area.

Serving brunch, lunch, snacks and drinks to go, Pom Kitchen is also available to order for delivery via City Grab. Everything here is Vegan and you can swap some items for gluten-free also.

So after a 4 mile walk around the area we ended up at Pom Kitchen around lunch time on a Saturday. We queued down the road to make our order, then waited approx 15/20 minutes for our food & hot chocolates to be ready – 2 breakfast bagels & 2 hot chocolates = £22!

We decided to order the Brunch Club Bagel – Pom Pink Bagel with Cream Cheese, Bacon, Fried Tomato & “everything but the bagel seasoning”. Very filling and also tasty. The “bacon” was thick and actually really nice a bit like jerky but not as tough and the “cream cheese” was actually really creamy. You wouldn’t necessarily know this sandwich was Vegan but it was really good although VERY messy to eat, especially stood outside the shop waiting for our drinks.

We then obviously had to try their Signature Hot Chocolates – the specials/flavours vary from month to month I believe. We tried the Dough Baby; creamy & chocolatey with cookie dough around the top & the Mylk & Cookies; topped with lots of whipped cream, an Oreo and cookie crisps. Whilst these were initially yummy, indulgent and exciting to walk around with, once the toppings are enjoyed, you are pretty much just left with a standard luke-warm chocolate…

In summary, I am glad we gave Pom Kitchen a visit. I think their concept and the way they are presenting themselves is absolutely bang on as it is evident that they are very popular, but for me I see it as a one off treat and don’t plan to return back regularly. I would recommend though that everyone tries it at least once and it would be interesting to see where this Eatery ends up!

For more information on Pom Kitchen, visit their website here.

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