HomeCuisine App // Mauritian Delights, Tingley

WHAT A FANTASTIC CONCEPT – bringing your love of cooking + sharing food together!

This week I enjoyed being a customer of the HomeCuisine app and a local “Home Chef” trading by the name of Mauritian Delights based in Tingley, Wakefield (Very local!!). The app basically works in the same way as apps such as FoodHub and Just Eat however you are ordering fresh, homemade meals from local chefs cooking straight out of their kitchen.

HomeCuisine helps you become a Home Chef and will assist you in obtaining any hygiene certificates and licenses you may need to sell your home-cooked food to the community, but what a fantastic concept this is! Whether you enjoy to batch cook on a weekend and would benefit from selling a few whilst you do, or whether you’re more of a regular chef wishing to work from home, this app really is flexible to suit you and how you wish to cook for the community.

With over 1500 customers and currently providing a service within the West Yorkshire area, this growing app and it’s chefs offer lots of tasty, amazing dishes cooked locally. Such as this delicious Mauritian meal I had the chance to try from Mauritian Delights who is cooking cuisines inspired by her heritage of a Mauritian and Indian mixture. Her dishes are a taste of Indian and African cuisine both vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

I got to try the Chicken Biryani – so fresh and delicately spiced with mouth-watering herbs and chicken cooked on the bone that just melted in the mouth. This came with a refreshing cucumber and onion side salad and I was also lucky to try the vegetable fritters with mint yogurt and spicy salsa sauce too. All absolutely delicious and all fresh and made 2 streets away!

Now that I have moved to the Sheffield area, I can’t wait for this app to expand and take on chefs in my area as I would love to bring my home-made, healthy yet comfort food to you all.

HomeCuisine are now rebranding themselves as Feedzaa, and about to launch their upcoming, new app in new cities (Sheffield, Bradford, Nottingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Birmingham, Solihull and Leicester). If you are in these cities and would be interested in becoming a Home Chef with them, please head over to www.feedzaa.com/?rid=jfb.

Good luck!

If you would like to collaborate with me in any way, please contact me on jen@jensfoodblog.com.

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